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Products & Resources to Lower Costs

Health Care Planning

Access to Savings

Selecting the best products based on your business and employee needs, significant savings can be achieved.

  • Group Health Plans - Employer needs and circumstances will drive decisions to offer the right health coverage for each company. Choices range from a fully insured plan to a self-funded plan.  Lowering costs center around plan selection and plan design.

  • GAP Supplements - combining with a major medical plan, provides a low cost solution for both employers and their employees.  GAP supplements coordinate with your medical plan to reduced out-of-pocket costs incurred by employees.  Allows employers to offer high deductible plans with lower premiums without causing employees to have higher expenses.

  • Pharmacy Savings Programs - lower the high cost of prescriptions, especially brand and specialty drug costs for your employees using two proven "cost reduction" programs we offer. 

  • Telemedicine Services - provides access to immediate, quality medical help in a convenient delivery method.  By combining with group health plans, this service will lower costs.

  • HRA, HSA, & FSA Programs - tax advantage plans customized to coordinate with your group health coverage.

  • Healthcare Literacy - wiser employees make "healthier" decisions.

Health insurance costs for small to mid sized businesses have increased dramatically over the past ten years but innovative products are now available to reverse that trend.  Our network of companies allows us to sort through all the plans, both traditional and "out of the box" to find a design that fits the needs and financial budget of your company.  If done on your own, the process can be daunting to shop all the carriers; which makes working with us beneficial.  We design plans with the broadest coverage for the lowest price.  It's all based on the design strategies we use.  We put your interests First.

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