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Popular Benefits Offered

Voluntary Employee Benefits

Many small business employers mistakenly believe they cannot afford to offer benefits to their employees.  What they don't realize is . . . most voluntary benefits are offered without an employer contribution.  So why offer them?  Save payroll taxes when employees payroll deduct their premiums and be competitive against competition.


What is the most common question asked during an employee interview - Do you have benefits?  Now you can say, "Yes"!

  • A benefits package helps attract and retain quality employees

  • Businesses get a tax advantage of deducting their portion of the premium contribution

  • Employees will often accept benefits in lieu of higher salary, resulting in savings to the business

  • Offering benefits allows the owner to obtain benefits for less money that purchasing privately

  • Employees can access cheaper group coverages and pay for benefits with tax-free contributions from their paycheck.

  • Dental & Vision

  • Short and Long Term Disability

  • ID Theft and Legal Access Services

  • Group Life Insurance

  • Accident Insurance

  • 401k & Roth IRA Plans

  • Retirement Planning Services

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • College Funding Solutions

  • Pet Insurance

  • Cell Phone Insurance

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