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Personal Financial Planning Opportunities

Employee Group Lunch & Learn Programs


When employees believe management cares about them, the work environment and productivity improves.  Our brief informative learning sessions provide employees the opportunity to learn about financial topics of interest to them. Over their lunch hour, after work or evening sessions are offered without any sales pressure.  Just a learning environment and a safe zone to ask questions.

​Learning Topics:

  • Debt Management and Goal Setting

  • 401k Advantages

  • 529 College Funding for Parents/Grandparents

  • Survivor Income Needs

  • Individual Insurance Plans

  • Long Term Health Care Planning

  • Retirement Prep

  • Estate Planning Processes

  • Special Needs Planning

  • Investment Strategies

  • Saving 1st, Spending 2nd

Individual Financial Planning


Sound financial advice can make a huge difference 10 years from now - if you start now.  We offer professional, one on one resources, using a comprehensive planning approach without the sales pressures to help employees make a difference in their financial fitness.  Planning "today" makes a difference in what you achieve "tomorrow".

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